How often?


Most people do lessons once a week for 30 minutes.  The ones that want to progress faster do 1 hour lessons once a week.  For others 45 min a week is a good balance.  Really, we can go as fast or slow as the student would like.  For some of my students, once a week is not enough time to practice for so we do every other week.  This is also good for some who live far away because it cuts down on travel time.  


What books will we use?


For beginners I recommend using the Alfred series books and the Piano Pronto book series:

I grew up on Alfreds so I'm familiar with it, but it's a good thing to get started with, introducing you progressively to new ideas.  If students have other lesson books they'd like (because they bought them) to use that is totally fine.  The only thing I don't like generally about lesson books is that they tend to have songs that no one knows and can boring so that students lose interest in the songs.  For that reason, I encourage my students to find songs that they enjoy.  We can talk more about that in person - I definitely think its important to be playing songs you enjoy.  That's why you got started in the first place right?  (You can think of the lesson books as more like exercises)




I do lessons at my apartment in South Provo.  The address is 1661E Aspen Summit Drive, Provo 84606.  I also teach lessons online live via Skype.  About a third of my students I actually teach completely online.  



Normally, students pay monthly at the beginning of the month preferably with the Venmo app.    Lessons are $30 for 30 minutes, $40 for 45 minutes or $50 for an hour.  



I teach Monday - Friday and I like to prioritize grade school kids after 3pm and adults before 3pm as a general rule because that's when they get out of school.  But there is flexibility within that.  


Can I do it?


Yes!  I would worry less about if you're qualified, or too old to learn and think more about how you can effectively make it happen.  I teach people as young as kindergarden, and as old as a retired couple.  Everyone learns at a difference pace with different strengths and weaknesses and we just need to take those into consideration, improving our weak points, and wisely relying on our strengths and natural abilities.  


Time Management


One of the biggest issues with piano is time management.  You need to take an honest look at how quickly you want to progress learning piano, and then look at your schedule to figure out if you have time and dedication to be able to carry it out.  Many students initially get excited about starting lessons without realizing how much time and effort it will take over an extended period of time.  My goal is to help you get there as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work that you've put into it.  But it really does take some work.  My philosophy is to push hard now so you can forever enjoy the benefits later.



(Click here to download the Piano Policy Agreement that details the terms and conditions for all piano students)


Richard was great. Teaching a six year old that has never played before is challenging.  He handled it great and she was playing Mary Had a Little Lamb ten minutes after the first lesson!

- Chiara

Richard is very clear and efficient in the way he instructs.  He's like a musical surgeon in that he can dissect complicated concepts to my level so I understand the music more easily.  I think what makes Richard unique is that he mixes conventional with unconventional methods in his teaching style and that makes learning and playing music more fun in my opinion.  He's a balanced, easy-going, and forward-thinking instructor.

- Adam

Richard is wonderful at teaching in a way that students understand, recognizing that each student learns differently.  He is helping me learn to sight read after years of my trying to lean the conventional way unsuccessfully.

- Linda

Richard does a great job with my son.  He is willing to go at his pace and provide activities that keep him engaged.

- Emily

Richard works well with students who are struggling.  He has the ability to work with the beginner student and the advanced student.  Lessons are creative.  Richard is a great talented teacher.  I highly recommend him.

- Monica

This is the 2nd time that I have taken piano lessons and I've been able to learn and enjoy it more than before.  He provides a great balance of freedom and structure.  He's especially talented which makes him a great person to learn from.

- Brindy

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